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Asian Wedding Ideas - Top 10 tips & ideas

Planning a wedding is a difficult task. Weddings are Multicultural and full of traditions but don’t be worried; we have top tips and tricks for you to keep in mind whilst you are wedding planning.

Below, we’ve rounded up 10 ideas mixed with tips which we consider crucial to a perfect wedding:

Asian Wedding Photography

1. Know Your Needs

Examine yourself and ask yourself what kind of wedding do you want? what traditions you like the most, what is the culture of your society and what theme do you wish to convey? You may wish to Involve parents and elders in this matter as they can help you by offering advice and suggestions. It benefits you in understanding the procedures and narrows down the possibilities of various unexpected situation.

2. Traditions Are Important (for some)

There are various locations to celebrate a wedding. The option for religious weddings may be in a Mosque, Church or temple. Or one may opt for a wedding in another location, venue and or hall. It’s important for you to know about the traditions that follow in your chosen location and what is not allowed as it will cut down the chances of any disruption. If you are following some special wedding rituals on that occasion then ensure your guests are aware as it helps them in understanding what is going on which will ultimately draw more attention and participation.

3. Invitation Cards

We can say that this is the purest Asian tradition to summon your family and friends through invitation cards. Some traditions never get old, and arguably this is one of them; and a very significant part of any Asian wedding. Your wedding should be your way, so wither you are looking for a vibrant colourful wedding Invitation / Pre-Wedding Card or a simple, elegant one, you decide; and choose via @LiQuid Invitations.

4. Customise Your Events

It is the time for you to decide that what kind of wedding you want. Separate functions in several days or a quick wedding? it depends on you, your family and spouse’s decision. Make this decision as early as possible to reduce all stress and delays. Take advice from your friends and family members and make a checklist of tasks to be done.

5. Decorations

A simple but eye catching decorated zone will bloom your ceremony. Most of the Asian weddings decorations are flower based. Flowers make the wedding more charming. Select a unique flower colour scheme according to your taste. Flowers are also the symbol of love and beauty.

6. Royal Menu

Decide a menu. This is the break or make of a wedding (according to guests). Cultural dishes are perfect as it resonates with most guests who share the same culture and it is exciting to those from other cultural backgrounds. Ensure there are different cuisines being served to your guests and don’t forget to add in refreshing fresh drinks and dessert.

7. Groom Yourself

When we talk about Asian weddings the first thing that comes to mind is tradition/culture. Mehndi is a glamorous thing that many Asian brides (and grooms) enjoy. So if your one of them, ENJOY with a Mehndi event or Pre wedding event. Ladies, dress up, pamper, Makeup, shine! Gents, dress up, pamper, trim, shine!

8. Photography Session

Photographers and videographers allow us to collect all our memories from our big day; so, they are key to many people weddings. Cinematic photography captures moments of your wedding which is a great memory. There is also a separate photo shoot of bride and groom which you can opt for, to have those special pics to remember (or frame) for a lifetime.

9. Have Fun

Make your special day momentous. Nasheeds, Music, Spirituality activities, and dance are only a few options open to those celebrating their weddings. You decide what fits you, your culture and your religion. involve your guests in this activity and provide them opportunities of enjoying your wedding.

10. It’s Your Moment

Finally, the moment has arrived. Are you nervous? Don’t be.

Enjoy it as much as you can. Its your moment, don’t let silly things get in the way or stress you. Smile. It Helps 😊

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